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Machine Infrastructure

Our plant is equipped with a continuous casting line. The technology has following advantages:
1. Very fine grain structure
2. Homogeneous mixing of chemical elements
3. Throughout consistent chemical composition

Additionally, we have a world-class induction furnace of Pioneer make with water-cooled mould casting technology. During the casting process, we have availed technology that controls the speed of pouring, temperature of molten metal, gas content in the molten metal and temperature for solidification of billet which results in the best quality of casted ingot.

Our plant has following lines to yield the best quality and excellence in our final product range:
1. Hot Rolling Mill
2. Cold Rolling Mills
3. Reversible Rolling Mill
4. Pickling Line
5. Annealing Furnaces
6. Slitting Line
7. Surface milling machine
8. Flatness leveler machine

IT Infrastructure
Our IT infrastructure is well equipped with computers having latest hardware and software configurations enabling us to boost our business performance and getting the best internal as well as external communication channels

Quality control Infrastructure
To achieve the quality excellence, we avail the following equipments
1. Spectrometer
2. Hardness tester
3. Conductivity meter